MICE Hall Magnetic Models


This web page provides information on the magnetic models of the MICE Hall and also provides links to the solutions that the model has generated. Please note that a copy of OPERA is required to utilise these files.

Be aware that the solution files (.op3) are quite large (~GB) so they may take a while to download.


Details of our Weekly Phone Meetings.
Other Meeting Notes and Presentations.

Review Documentation

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Step V Models

Step V Models

Details of Models - Notes and Model Lists


March 2014 models.
February 2014 models.
January 2014 models.
December 2013 models.
November 2013 models.
October 2013 models.
September 2013 models.
August 2013 models.
July 2013 models.
May 2013 models.
April 2013 models.
March 2013 models.
February 2013 models.
January 2013 models.
December 2012 models.
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Notes combined into models from Aug 2013

July 2013 notes.
June 2013 notes.
May 2013 notes.
April 2013 notes.
March 2013 notes.
February 2013 notes.
January 2013 notes.
December 2012 notes.
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Directory Listings

'op3 file' directories for Hall Model.
'associated model files' directories for Hall Model.

'op3 file' directories for Quadrupole Sub Models.
'associated model files' directories for Quadrupole Sub Models.

VF Reports on the Hall Model - 16/07/2013

Report 1
Report 2

Comi Script (The code that generates the model)

'Link to .comi' snapshots. Note that my sub-models are part of the main comi code so the directory designation is for chronology only. All of the comi code (sub models and hall model) gets backed up as a single zip file.

The comi script that generates the model is also version controlled by bazaar. The repository can be found on launchpad.

Starting from 'Test_Model_31' I have taken a snapshot of the .comi source after meshing a model where there has been significant changes to the .comi code. Note that .comi snapshots have not necessarily been taken if only component switches have been changed between models.

Autogenerated Field Maps

Autogenerated plots in X, Y and Z planes both with and without structures. A 3D perspective of each plot has been added to help visualise the location of the plot plane.

Fry List

Information pertaining to the Fry list can be found in this directory. This includes the Fry List spreadsheet and related technical drawings.

Rack Generator Code

The code that generates the racks in the hall model was extracted for independent use in other models - 18th Jan 2013. Note that this is a single snapshot of the extracted code and it is unlikely to be updated again. This is because it will be too time consuming for me to keep this code synchronised with any changes I make to the rack generator code that is embedded into the MICE hall model. This independent rack generator code does form part of the regular .comi snapshot/repository upload.

Rack Generator Code - 18th January 2013

BH Curves

All of the BH curves that I use in the Hall Model are hard coded into the .comi script and can be seen by viewing the comi. I may add further information on BH curves into this section as appropriate.

Drawings & Photos

Drawings, photographs and other information that has been used to generate the MICE Hall model.

Drawings for PRY

The drawings that are used as a reference for creating the PRY models

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