The aim of this project is twofold: 1) to use miniature silicon microstrip detectors to determine the bulk damage parameters after irradiation with protons, pions and neutrons and compare with theory, and 2) compare the irradiation damage results of the mini-detectors with full size detectors irradiated at the PS. in order to evaluate their potential use in the ATLAS SCT detector quality assurance procedure.

A summary database of mini-detectors is given here.

The radiation bulk damage parameters of silicon, a and b can be determined from the following equations :-

at low fluence
at high fluence

where, I is the leakage current at reverse bias, Vbias, f is the fluence, Vol. and A are the active volume and area of the detector, e is the dielectric constant for silicon and e is the charge on the electron.

For more information and data from the irradiations click the links below :-

CERN (protons)
Ljubljana (neutrons)
PSI (pions)

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