PHY225 Programming in C

A level 2 course (can also be taken at level 3 or 4) teaching computer programming in the C programming language. The aim of this module is to teach the key elements of procedural computer programming via the C programming language. The module assumes no prior knowledge of programming and is designed to enable the student to develop algorithms and computer programs that perform tasks from numerical and computational physics.

Topics covered include:

More information can be found at the PHY225 teaching resource

PHY320 Nuclear Astrophysics

A level 3/4 course looking at relative abundances of the elements and how those elements are created both in the early Universe and during the life cycle of a star. The following topics are some of those considered during the course:

PHY320 also involves developing the presentational skills of the students by requiring that some of the course material be delivered by the students themselves in the form of a Powerpoint presentation. More information can be found at the PHY320 teaching resource

PHY341/342 Projects

Level 3 projects in the field of nuclear and particle physics. Click on any project title for more information.

Computer simulation of a storage ring
Binding energy of the Deuteron
Cosmic ray detectors for schools

PHY343 Group Projects

Level 3 group projects, examples of previous and current projects. Click on any project title for more information.

The physics of airport security
Magnetic levitation
A portable weather station
A demonstration of alternative energy
The Physics Grand Prix