Muon Tomography of Volcanoes

Project funded by the STFC GCRF Scheme

The MuTe experiment is a muon telescope designed for positioning at the base of the Cerro Machín volcano situated near the city of Ibagué in Colombia. The experiment itself is a collaboration between the Industrial University of Santander (UIS), University of Tolima and the Colombian Geological Service.

Proposed design of MuTe

The work performed by the Sheffield group has concerned the simulation of cosmic ray muons passing through the volcano. The generation of muon samples is performed primarily with CORSIKA, with the MUSIC (MUon SImulation Code) software package used for the transport of the muons through an amount of volcanic rock mirroring the requirements of Cerro Machín.

Muon tomography team in Sheffield

  • Dr Vitaly Kudryavtsev
Research Associates:
  • Dr Harry Moss
  • Alejandra Vesga Ramirez

References and Links

  1. MuTe experiment (En español)
  2. CORSIKA Air Shower Simulation generator
  3. MUSIC software package (arXiv)
Contour map of the area surrounding the Cerro Machín volcano and the suggested position of the MuTe detector

Elevation profile of the area surrounding Cerro Machín, with the volcano dome and MuTe position indicated

Possible muon trajectories through the volcano

Possible trajectories of muons passing through Cerro Machín for detection in the telescope

Poster on muon tomography of Cerro Machín volcano

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