SCT Database upload application


The database upload application is infact a suite of programs. These are designed to make processing detector test data and uploading it to the SCTDB a quick and risk free process. By using this software in its final form the risk of human error in data handling should be greatly reduced. There are four main functions: Data analysis, database upload, generating paperwork, and creating an archive file for data storage. The programs are written in a combination of Labview, Visual basic and Java and are all bought together in a main program called The application programs are available here and a complete kit for installing the application including programs, java libraries and classes is available here. These downloads are zip files containing folder information. Simply expand your chosen archive into whatever directory you wish to run the software from using the "expand folders" or equivalent option in your zip file utility. If you install the complete kit please find instructions for installing java and the classfiles in setup.html. You will need a password for the web database interface if you want to upload data, this can be obtained here.

What's new?

Detailed description of program functions.

How to use the software.

Special applications for local DB query and reconstruction.


Structure of the upload application

User interface

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