King's Manor

The 1st Boulby Underground
Science Workshop.

Dates: 21st-22nd October 2006

Location: King's Manor, York, England

Dead line for Abstracts: 25th September 2006

Fee: £70 - early registration
£100 - after 25th September 2006
(inclusive of banquet and all food)

Boulby Mine

Underground science is a new and growing field worldwide with experiments underway or planned covering a surprising variety of fields including particle astrophysics (neutrino studies, dark matter and other rare event searches), nuclear astrophysics, low background physics, biotechnology, geo-microbiology and earth/environmental sciences. The UK's Boulby underground laboratory, situated 1.1 km below ground in a working salt and potash mine, is a superb site of this type of science.

The 1st Boulby Underground Science workshop will include review talks covering a variety of topics in underground science as well as talks from representatives of current activity at Boulby. A particular objective will be to gather ideas and possibilities for new or expanded science programmes in the laboratory. In this context submission of talks covering any aspect of underground science for which Boulby may be a suitable site now or in the future, in the existing facility or through new excavations, are warmly welcomed.

We hope this will be a rich, lively & informative event promoting discussion within and across fields. It will also be a good opportunity to learn more about Boulby - the facilities available, the science underway and the plans/possibilities for the future.

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For more information on Boulby, the science already underway and the facilities available - see the Boulby facility website.