Particle Physics Masterclasses

The National Particle Physics Masterclass scheme lets Y12/Y13 pupils studying A-level physics meet practising particle physicists and get a taste of the science. Masterclasses should enhance the learning experience of pupils doing the particle physics topic of any AS/A2 level syllabus.

A typical Sheffield masterclass lasts from 10 am to 3 pm and includes a mix of talks and hands-on activities. Examples of talks can be found in the talks for schools section of this site. The hands-on activities include:
A game to understand how quarks combine to form baryons and mesons Learn how to identify particles and events in a modern particle physics experiment
Measure the strength of the strong interaction or study the decay modes of the Z boson Use galaxy rotation curves to find evidence for dark matter

Next dates: Easter 2006 (date TBA)
Contact Dr Susan Cartwright ( for information and booking.