Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics Research


Current first generation neutrino telescope experiments such as ANTARES are very much the first step towards the ultimate goal of constructing large arrays of photo-detectors that equip cubic kilometre sized volumes of water or ice. In order to study the entire sky at least 2 such devices, one in each hemisphere, are required. Currently the ICECUBE project is starting production of such an array that will be deployed in the Antarctic ice at the South Pole. In Europe, groups from 8 countries representing all of the expertise within the ANTARES, NEMO and NESTOR groups, have come together to form KM3NeT, a collaboration that has recently been successful in obtaining EU Design Study funding via the FP6 programme. KM3NeT also features on the high profile European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap.

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