Supersymmetry searches at Sheffield

Supersymmetry at Sheffield

Supersymmetry (SUSY) provides a natural explanation to the dark matter puzzle by predicting that each Standard Model particle has a supersymmetric partner, with the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) identified as the dark matter constituent. Sheffield is one of the main groups involved in SUSY searches with ATLAS and we have an extensive involvement in a number of SUSY analyses, including searches for light squarks and gluinos (inclusive jets + MET + 0-lepton analysis), sbottom squarks (2 b-jet + MET+ 0-lepton analysis) and stop squarks (2 b-jets + 6-jets + MET + 0-leptons analysis) . We developed the jet smearing technique which to date has been used for QCD multijet background estimation in many ATLAS SUSY analyses. An official tool has recently been developed, and details of this are found here (internal ATLAS users only).

Public SUSY results may be found here

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