Job and study opportunities in the group

Current job opportunities

Two PhD scholarships in Experimental Particle Physics.

PhD study

With the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012 now is a time of unprecedented excitement for particle physics and the whole of science. If you have or expect at least a 2.1 class or equivalent in your first degree in a physics-related subject then you have the unprecedented opportunity to play a leading role in some of the important scientific discoveries for 25 years. We offer PhD projects in

If you choose to continue your study in the Sheffield ATLAS group you could soon be contributing to these exciting topics and helping to revolutionise our understanding of the universe! For more details of application procedures please see here. For more details of our research please see here.

For more information please contact Dan Tovey with any questions.

Independent research fellowships

The group is always keen to host the holders of research fellowships from STFC (e.g. Ernest Rutherford Fellowships), the Royal-Society (e.g. University Research Fellowships), the EU (e.g. ERC Starting Grants), or elsewhere. These fellowships usually offer significant freedom to carry out an independent program of work and can provide the perfect spring-board to securing an academic position at a major university.

If you are interested in applying for a Fellowship with the Sheffield ATLAS group please contact Dan Tovey for more information.

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