Picture of Dr Chris Booth

Dr Chris Booth

Senior Lecturer

Room D24, Hicks Building
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S3 7RH

Tel: 0114 222 3541
Fax: 0114 272 8079
e-mail: C.Booth@shef.ac.uk

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Summary of research interests
Dr Booth leads the neutrino physics group, working mainly on the HARP hadroproduction experiment and the new MICE accelerator R&D experiment investigating the production of muon beams. His particular focus has been the design of the proton beam targets used to produce the hadrons (HARP) or muon beam (MICE), as well as physics analysis. Prior to this, Dr Booth worked on searches for compsiteness and supersymmetry at the ALEPH experiment at LEP.