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As a researcher at the university of Sheffield I am investigating fundamental particles and their interactions as a member of the ATLAS collaboration. With an ERC starting grant, I am currently building up a small research group.

Research Topics

Measurements of dibosons

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Structure of the Proton

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Building of a silicon detector

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Projects and professional organisations

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Journey into the heart of matter

Particle physics attempts to describe the building blocks of matter and the fundamental forces between them. Our current understanding is encoded in the Standard Model (SM) theory of particle physics which combines our description of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and electroweak (EWK) theory. The SM allows us to make very precise predictions that have been confronted with experimental measurements at high-energy colliders over the past century – with incredible success. The last missing piece of the SM was the experimental proof of the actual existence of the Higgs boson that had been hypothesised for more than 50 years. Despite this obvious success of the SM, there are however flaws in the theory: There are observations in astrophysics and cosmology that the SM does not account for. Thus the pressing goal of particle physics today is to go beyond the SM so as to explain these contradictory observations. In order to do so, particle physicists strive to discover new physics phenomena.

My group

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I am currently based at CERN until the end of summer. Please write me, if you are interested in a research project with me. (I also hope to find the time to fill this page with more content).