I teach undergraduate courses in introductory general relativity and in dark matter. I also give graduate lectures in probability and statistics for high energy physics.


I specialize in ultra-sensitive experiments searching for the signatures of hypothesized and potentially critical signals in the field of particle astrophysics. In particular, searches for WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles), gravitational waves, and axions. Projects I am currently involved in include EURECA, GEO600 and DRIFT. In addition I hold an STFC grant for the development and testing of novel low background photomultiplier tubes in collaboration with Electron Tubes, Ltd.


My main administrative role is as 4th year tutor for physics. I am also a member of teaching committee and the staff student committee. I run tutorials for second years and am undergraduate advisor for around 20 first year students.


I have several public lectures. One is on ‘The Hunt for Dark Matter Particles’ and deals with the experimental quest to identify dark matter. Another is on ‘The Search for Gravitational waves’, dealing with interferometric gravitational wave detectors and analysis of data from them. A third is on ‘The Physics of Electromechanical Keyboard Instruments’ and explains the physics of Hammond Organs and Rhodes Pianos with demonstrations through live performance (by me...)