First Workshop on Directional Detection of Dark Matter

22-24 July 2007

Boulby Underground Laboratory, UK

ILIAS-N3 - advanced detectors meeting


The idea for this has come from several discussions at meetings in Europe (IDM, ILIAS, MIMAC, DRIFT etc) and recently in the US (DRIFT collaboration meeting). A basis is the concept that only a directional signal can provide an unambiguous signal for galactic dark matter.

The motivation is to bring together those scientists active and interested in directional dark matter concepts, both theory and experiment. The aim is to exchange the latest work but also actively to work together in an informal environment to explore possible strategies and concepts that might achieve first directional detection of dark matter. The meeting recognises that the challenges involved, including the likely need to build a deep underground detector of 1000s m3 that will probably require a large and coordinated international collaboration well supported by the wider community.


To move toward a consensus or agreement on the priority areas for research, possibly in the form of an agreed written strategy document or paper that could form the basis of a better coordinated effort.

To provide a stronger and more visible directional dark matter community better able to lobby national and international funding agencies and those responsible for development of deep underground sites.

Outline Programme

Preliminary Talks Lists (posted 8th July)

Draft Agenda (posted 17th July)

Download slides from talks presented.

Sunday 22nd July
9.00-10.00 Registration at Boulby surface Building
10.00-12.00 Introduction and background
Theory talks
14.00-17.00 Discussion - motivation for directional detectors
Evening coast walk and meal
Monday 23rd July
9.00-12.00Talks on current experimental activity, discussion
14.00-16.00Future planned activity, theory and experiment
16.00-18.00Discussion of research priorities and possible documents - requirements for a detector and infrastructure of site
National park hills walk and meal
Tuesday 24th July
9.00-12.00Wrap-up discussion and talks on future of the field and next steps
12.00-16.00Underground visit


The best place to stay is Whitby, N. Yorks. Rooms have been reserved at the Resolution Hotel To book please contact them directly.

For alternative, and likely cheaper accommodation, try B&B places, and other sites


Transport options to Boulby/Whitby from outside UK:

The nearest airport is Durham Tees, 45 mins from Boulby. A very small airport but with flights from London, Amsterdam, Dublin and connections to US and elsewhere - You can rent a car there or someone can collect you.

The nearest major airport is Manchester. From there you can take a train to Saltburn, then someone can collect you, or to Whitby (minimal service), or rent a car at Manchester (about 2.5 hour drive) -from London, take GNER trains from Euston station North, to York, Darlington (major stations) or Saltburn, Whitby (smaller stations nearer but with fewer trains).

Transport to Boulby during the CYGNUS meeting:

If you need transport to the meeting from Whitby please be at the Resolution Hotel by 8.15am each day, starting Sunday 22nd.

A map and further directions to Boulby

Details of the Resolution Hotel.


This is an informal meeting so there is no specific fee however please expect to make a contribution for lunches and coffee.


Please send an e-mail to or


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Arrival and departure dates
Title of talk or topic for discussion


Peter Fisher (MIT)
Yannis Giomataris (Saclay)
Michael Gold (University of New Mexico)
Anne Green (University of Nottingham)
Igor Irastorza (Zaragosa University)
Markus Kuster (Darmstadt University)
Dinesh Loomba (University of New Mexico)
Kentaro Miuchi (Kyoto University)
Alex Murphy (Edinburgh University)
Sean Paling (University of Sheffield)
Daniel Santos (LPSC Grenoble)
Dan Snowden-Ifft (Occidental College, LA)
Neil Spooner (University of Sheffield)