Elementary Data Analysis in ROOT


These four seminars will aim to teach data analysis in the context of the ROOT software package. I will assume very little prerequisite knowledge. However, there are two things that I WILL assume. First, you must have access to a computer running linux or unix on which there is a working version of ROOT. Second, there must also be a text editor on this same computer which you know how to use at the level of typing in up to fifty lines of text, saving the results to an ascii file, exiting and re-entering the file to make changes. The subject matter of the four seminars is below:

SEMINAR 1 - Some different ways of using ROOT. Classes. Histograms, classes for reading and writing text files, Random number generation. The simplest nonlinear fit.

SEMINAR 2 - More sophisticated nonlinear fitting. Formula entry, parameter initial values and allowed domains, fitting in a restricted domain, errors on fit parameters.

SEMINAR 3 - Manipulation of the graphical display in ROOT - how to get away from the ugly default settings and make plots that are almost publication ready.

SEMINAR 4 - Compiling and linking your own code with ROOT class libraries, and how to teach yourself more.