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Target Drawings

List of Components List of Components
TD-SU-00 List of Target Drawings
TD-SU-01Lower Bearing
TD-SU-02 Upper Bearing
TD-SU-03 Magnet Retaining Clamp
TD-SU-04 Stainless Steel Vacuum Tube
TD-SU-05 Target Shaft
TD-SU-06 Magnet Core
TD-SU-07 Magnets
TD-SU-08 Vaccum Tube with Shoulders
TD-SU-09 Shaft Readout Vane
TD-SU-11 Quad lower bearing
TD-SU-12 Housing Cylinder
TD-SU-13 Housing End Plates
TD-SU-15 Stator Copper Shims
TD-SU-16 Stator (tube + coils)
TD-SU-17 Cooling Jacket Core
TD-SU-18 Magnet Assembly Tooling
TD-SU-19 Copper Coils
TD-SU-20 Cooling Tube
TD-SU-21 Lower & Upper Magnets
TD-SU-22 Middle Magnets
TD-SU-23 Shaft Ceramic Washers
TD-SU-24 Laser Cover End Cap
TD-SU-25 Laser Cover Body
TD-SU-26 Stator Wiring Cover
TD-SU-27 Laser Cover Body / Lid
TD-SU-28 Target Shaft With DLC Coating
TD-SU-31 Cooling Supply & Return Clamp
TD-SU-32 Cooling Pipe Support Clamp
TD-SU-33 Actuator Rating Plate
TD-SU-34 Cooling Jacket Assembly
TD-SU-35 Small Insulation Kapton
TD-SU-36 Big Insulation Kapton