Conference Material


ARENA 2008: ACORNE Data Analysis and the Data Techniques... Rome Jun 2008 (S. Bevan) (pdf file)
ARENA 2008: Predicting the Sensitivity of km3 Hydrophone Arrays... Rome Jun 2008 (J. Perkin) (ppt file)
ARENA 2008: Integration of Acoustic Integrals... Rome Jun 2008 (S. Danaher) (ppt file)
ARENA 2008: Hydrophone based calibrator... Rome Jun 2008 (O. Veledar) (ppt file)
ARENA 2008: Summary on acoustic detection of UHECR Rome Jun 2008 (L. Thompson) (ppt file)
IOP APP Meeting: The ACORNE Project - Listening for Neutrinos Oxford Jun 2008 (L. Thompson) (pdf file)
Neutrino 2008: The ACORNE project Christchurch May 2008 (L. Thompson) (pdf file)
HEAPNET FP7 JRA: Update on acoustic detection of UHE events Amsterdam Sep 2007 (L. Thompson) (pdf file)
HEAPNET FP7 JRA: ACORNE, project hardware update Amsterdam Sep 2007 (O. Veledar) (pdf file)
HEAPNET FP7 JRA: ACORNE project software update Amsterdam Sep 2007 (A. Brown) (pdf file)
HEAPNET FP7 JRA: Summary of acoustic WPs and options Amsterdam Sep 2007 (L. Thompson) (pdf file)
Acoustics Kick-off Meeting: ACORNE Status Report Catania Jun 2007 (J. Perkin) (ppt file)
Acoustics Kick-off Meeting: Amplitude Calibration Catania Jun 2007 (J. Perkin) (ppt file)
RICAP 2007 Status of Acoustic Detection Rome Jun 2007 (L. Thompson (pdf file)


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