Dr Susan Cartwright
Dr S.L. Cartwright
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
University of Sheffield
Hicks Building
Sheffield S3 7RH

Tel (0114) 222 4572
[+44 114 222 4572 outside UK]

I am a senior lecturer in the Particle Astrophysics group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. My main research field at present is the T2K neutrino oscillation experiment currently operating in Japan. T2K was the first experiment to observe the conversion of muon-type neutrinos (produced from pion decay) into electron-type neutrinos, thus measuring the elusive third angle in the neutrino mixing matrix, θ13. This could potentially lead to the observation of CP violation in the lepton sector, which may in turn lead to a greater understanding of why our Universe is made of matter and not antimatter.

My teaching activities in the Department centre around astronomy. I teach a third-year course on The History of Astronomy and a fourth-year course on Particle Astrophysics. I also teach part of the PHY340/PHY350 module on Problem Solving and Professional Skills. In 2016/17 I taught a first year Quantum Physics course to students in Nanjing Tech University.

My past astronomy teaching includes the introductory overview course on astronomy, Our Evolving Universe and a third year course on Introduction to Cosmology. I also give a lecture on neutrino physics as part of the graduate course for our PhD students.

I am the Department's Year Abroad Tutor, responsible for the MPhys degree programmes Physics with Study Abroad, Theoretical Physics with Study Abroad and Physics and Astrophysics with Study Abroad. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding these degree programmes.

I am heavily involved with our Outreach and Public Understanding of Science activities. I participate extensively in National Science Week and regularly give talks at local schools and astronomical societies.

Hicks Building, Hounsfield Road, Sheffield S3 7RH, UK